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Technology Developments in the Print Industry

The print industry has changed and grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, especially in the last few years. That is thanks to developments in computing technology and printing technology. Here is what you need to know about how these technological developments can help you.

Digital printing technology

Digital printing involves taking a digital image and converting it to a variety of media, including stationery, flyers, brochures, posters and many other items. The difference between digital printing and what is known as analog technology is that you do not need to replace printing plates in digital technology.  This means a fast turnaround time when it comes to getting items printed. But some fine detail may be lost as opposed to other methods of printing. This may not matter on many items like business cards, but it could make a difference when it comes to finely detailed items or things like fine art.

Digital printing is ideal for things like printing on demand. For example, let’s suppose you have traveled to a convention center for a trade show, and you need to get some flyers or signs made. These days, printing companies can get this done in one to two days and sometimes even the same day. That sort of printing turnaround time would not have been possible even 10 years ago, but thanks to the advances in technology in the digital technology world, it is a reality.

Also, because of advances in digital print technology, modern printing companies have a variety of printers and printing paper styles for you. There is no one size fits all method. This means that you can get the right printer for the type of job you are ordering. There are Xerox Igen, Canon, Konica, and Indigo digital presses available depending on quality and size requirements.

We can now produce up to 25 ½” x 11” print jobs in very small quantities and maintain beautiful quality and quick turnaround. Perfect binding is also an option now in small quantities

Promotional product printing

Thanks to technological advancements, it is easier than ever to get promotional products made.  You can get everything from t-shirts to pens to umbrellas, tote bags and flash drives printed with your logo. Because of these print technology developments, there is a much wider variety of items available to be printed from the days of just getting pens printed with your logo.

Online ordering

With new print technology you no longer even need to come into a printer’s office in order to place an order. Many printing businesses now have online ordering, where you can place an order from the comfort of your home or workplace.

There are several advantages to these online services:

  • You can see your order history right on your computer.
  • Inventory control is easier.
  • You can look at PDFs of all of your previous orders for easier tracking.

Design services

Graphic designers have more tools than ever before at their disposal. They can work quicker and more efficiently.  And you do not have to have these people working for you in your office. Instead, graphic design services for print can be created and fleshed out in a printer’s office. Some printing companies have multiple designers on call.

High-end printing

Of course, if you need high-quality work, technology has also made producing those items easier as well. Whether it is offset printing or items with aqueous coating, printers now can make the higher-end items in an easier way than ever

In closing, technology has really brought in a new golden age of printing.

Why not take advantage of it?

Business Success Through Print

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the death of print has been greatly exaggerated. Print has been around for over 5,000 years, and despite the rise of computers, technology and the Internet, print is still a big part of our everyday lives.

Print is a crucial marketing tool

Print is also a great way to promote your business. Sure, digital marketing is very flashy these days, but print still rules. Consider when you are in the grocery store for example and have a choice between buying a box of pasta sauce that has a striking label that explains what is in the sauce, caloric information per serving, and how the food tastes, versus one that has no label, chances are that you are going to choose the pasta with the label. Same goes for things like bathroom tissue – people are more likely to buy the one with the printed information on the wrapping than the one without.  Customers who are trying to decide which wine to buy often choose the one with the most appealing label.

Product packaging is an important and valuable marketing tool, but it is one that is frequently overlooked. The fact is that product packaging changes people’s minds about what to buy. If the packaging for a new product is sufficiently appealing, it may even get them to try something new. All the flashy digital ads and TV commercials in the world will not get people to buy your product if your product packaging is unappealing.

Promotional handout materials – printing to make an impact

Print is also still necessary when it comes to leaflets, flyers, pocket folders, and other printed materials such as direct mail. If you are doing an in-person presentation, having paper materials for your colleague, customer or client to peruse will make much more of an impact than simply telling them to check your website for more information.  A real estate agent selling houses can give a flyer showing the home’s features to potential buyers. With print the possibilities are endless.

And no matter how much people try to use e-cards nothing will leave an impression like a business card. There is a reason that most people still hand out business cards. Even stores collecting email mailing lists prefer to gather information from business cards. Here is some food for thought – 28 million business cards are printed each day, and for every 2000 cards, sales go up 2.5%.

Did you know that 39% of customers who try a business for the first time are influenced by paper materials? From discount coupons to menus, print gives them a tangible thing to hold onto that represent your business. Sure, if you have a restaurant, your potential customers can look up the menu online, but a physical menu will make much more of an impact with them – and their taste buds.

Don’t overlook direct mail as a marketing plan

Direct mail is also something that still has a big impact. Statistics show that 70% of direct mail promotion mailers successfully attract new customers. And when it comes to non-profit organizations, 78% of them  get their donations brought in with direct mail. Perhaps it is because the tangible effect of putting pen to paper on a check – another print product – makes an impact with the donor.

Direct mail ads may send weekly sales and coupons to local customers, and those customers are much more likely to notice print promotions than web ones. They are also more likely to notice physical mail, as opposed to email that may end up in a spam folder. Customers who do not get weekly sales information may notice newspaper ads and fliers.

Even sending one-on-one  personalized physical letters to a client, preferably on company letterhead, will pack more of a punch than an email will.

Don’t forget about large paper and non-paper promotional products

Things like signage, van wraps, and posters will make your business stand out above the others. So will handing promotional products with your company name, whether it be on a pen, tote bag, luggage tag, magnet, mouse pad, decal, or other promotional product. It not only will create name recognition that lasts in the future, but those who receive the promotion are more likely not just to buy from you, but to give you leads on other potential customers.

And finally, reading print materials is easier than reading off a screen. Even millennials agree with that – 69% of people aged 16-24 say that they prefer to read print and paper than a computer screen.


If your business is not using print you are missing out on a major asset that has the potential to take your business to the next level. Business owners all over can attribute their success to the power of print communications. Make sure you are not missing out.

Rascal Flatts comes to town!

jimRascalThe “SOS-SEO” call came in late Wednesday night on May 28th from  the Nashville Tn management team, Spalding Entertainment Group…can your printing company produce 250 custom printed 2 sided “hand held fans” for the NBC Today Show audience and deliver Thursday night for an early 7 a.m. performance of the top selling, award winning, most popular country band Rascal Flatts?

Never one to shy away from a rush job/challenge, we said sure, why not? We have all day Thursday to get it done…well, not quite! By the time we got budget approval for our clever fan prototype, it was already 11 am!

My team printed the 4 color file provided by Spalding of Rascal Flatts new album cover, “Rewind” on 2 sheets of 16 point Tango glossy paper on our Igen 3 digital press,we made a handle out of 1/8″ thick smooth gator board, we glued both Tango sheets over the handle for support, we rounded all 4 corners and trimmed off the excess white borders, and voila! Photos of the press proof to Nashville were approved…and 250 beautiful, sturdy, custom made hand fans were couriered to the band’s management team hotel in NYC Thursday night in time for Friday’s am show on May 30th!

What a jolt it was watching the show Friday morning, seeing 250 of our fans being held up by the crazed fans on a gorgeous morning as Rascal Flatts played 4 songs off their new album.